"Of all the achievements of the human mind, the birth of the alphabet is the most momentous. Letters, like men, have now an ancestry, and the ancestry of words, as of men, is often a very noble possession, making them capable of great things. indeed, it has been said that the invention of writing is more important than all the victories ever won or constitutions devised by man. The history of writing is, in a way, the history of the human race, since in it are bound up, severally and together, the development of thought, of expression, of art, of intercommunication, and of mechanical invention.(...) A letter should possess an esthetic quality that is organic, an essential of the form itself and not the result of mere additions to its fundamental form nor to meaningless variations of it."

When my eyes crossed this excerpt of famous type designer Frederic W. Goudy´s "The Alphabet and Elements of Lettering" (1918) suddenly letters full of life showed in my mind´s eye. Letters are organisms and typefaces are the species, all classified similar to biological taxonomy! I drafted this cognition in a chart for print and in order to prove my finding to the interested audience I took one step further. I surgically opened the letters S, Z, S, A, W and how contented I was to discover muscles, veins, tendons and bone just like the ones shared by so many living creatures.

Evolution of Type,
Exhibit Nr. 1

Evolution of Type,
Exhibit Nr. 2

Evolution of Type,
Exhibit Nr. 3
Evolution of Type,
Exhibit Nr. 4

Evolution of Type,
Exhibit Nr. 5
Materials used: Powder-coated MDF, polymer clay, chicken bones, thread, wire, acrylics and clear varnish.
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Surgical pictures taken by Susanne Stemmer, Vienna
Retouching by Nicoletta Sobotta, Vienna

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